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Das Tech-Startup Liberty Acoustics ist eine niederrheinische Sound-Manufaktur für hochwertiges Smart Home Entertainment und individuelle Lifestyle Consumer Electronics. Zu den LIBERTY ACOUSTICS Produktbesonderheiten gehören der Einsatz hochwertiger Qualitätswerkstoffe, individuelle Designmöglichkeiten, raumübergreifende Multiroom-Sounderlebnisse und überraschend einfache Bedienbarkeit dank reduzierter Komplexität. Mit einer Leidenschaft für gute Klangqualität und einer Spezialisierung in interdisziplinärer Konzept- und Produktentwicklung produziert LIBERTY ACOUSTICS Steuerungs- und Übertragungstechnik für kraftvollen Soundgenuss in Ihrem Zuhause. 

In unserem interdisziplinären Entwicklerteam geben wir ambitionierten Studierenden aus verschiedenen Fachbereichen hochschulübergreifend die Chance, ihre Abschlussarbeit praxisorientiert bei Liberty Acoustics zu absolvieren (Studienabschlussarbeiten Bachelor/Master). In unserem Blog berichten wir gemeinsam mit unseren Studierenden über aktuelle Themenstellungen aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen. Lesen Sie z.B. unter "Der Begriff Audio & die menschliche Hörcharakteristik", wie sich die menschliche Hörcharakteristik definiert. Im Blogbeitrag "Product design and Innovation - Rapid prototyping in 3D-Printing" erfahren Sie, welche Vorteile innovative 3D-Druckverfahren ermöglichen. 

Bacheloranden und Masteranden studieren beispielsweise an der Hochschule Niederrhein Krefeld und Mönchengladbach (Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences) und an der Hochschule Rhein-Waal in Kleve (Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences). 

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Startups & 3D Printing Technology

3D printing is one of the most popular and widely used production methods in the current generation because of its simplicity and its economic value. The term 3D printing itself covers the idea of this technology which is the capability to produce different types of parts using different materials with different methods. 3D printing was introduced in the early 1980’s in the name of Additive Manufacturing or rapid prototyping. They were first used for producing the prototypes and were found to be cost effective production... Mehr lesen 


Product Uniqueness and Value with Liberty Acoustics

At Liberty Acoustics, we care about the advance and smart home entertainment system which cares about customer’s needs and wants. Our company is specialised into providing cross spatial (inside and outside) music pleasure across the home. With the help of innovative 3d technology, we manufacture products like control panels and transmission technology for multi room listening pleasure. We designed products to reduce the complexity such that it is easy to install and operate and it’s all because of its unique design properties. Each product at Liberty Acoustics... Mehr lesen


Design considerations of rapid prototyping 

Normally people confuse drafting with designing. Unlike drafting, which is just a drawing to show how the product looks like, designing is something that relates the product and its intended function (process). Liberty Acoustics, a new start-up company and a hub for acoustic innovations, the difficulties in bridging design drawing with the 3D printing rapid prototyping is overcome by certain considerations. Various trial and errors and its learning gives the proper understanding about design considerations. In most cases the end products will be an assembly of sub parts which are designed... Mehr lesen 


Lean Production: an overview  

The Lean Production method is from the Japanese Automotive manufacturer and the most successful Toyota production system (TPS). The term Lean Production was introduced by James Womack in his book “The Machine that changed the world”. The sole concept of TPS is to improve the productivity by reducing the waste. Lean principle is a continuous improvement process benefiting from every small gradual change rather than implementing a sudden change which could disrupt the work flow... Mehr lesen

What is Design Thinking? 

Today, we have industry leaders from various Industries speaking and writing a lot about Design Thinking and being Customer Centric. It has become the centre stage in many organisations which are trying to rapidly adopt the people-centred approach and a culture in order to be more innovative. So, Design Thinking is enabling organisations to create products and services that are not just what people want but they are also differentiators in the market. Design Thinking is a design methodology that provides... Mehr lesen

Benefits of Multiroom Audio 

What is Multiroom Audio? Well, simply put, you can listen to different sound in different rooms at the same time or the same sound in different rooms. It’s your choice! You decide whether to play your favorite songs playlist or stream some news on the radio in the whole house be it kitchen, bathroom, living room, even outdoor (garden or poolside) or to sound these different zones (living room, bathroom, garden etc) differently. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to... Mehr lesen


Lean Startup: What is a Minimum Viable Product ("MVP")? 

As an entrepreneur, you would probably like to develop your product with many features that are fully functioning, having responded to all problems that increase the odds that customers will want it. The unfortunate truth is that no matter how much you validate and research your product, it will... Mehr lesen

Measuring Customer Expectations - Kano Model of customer satisfaction

When we consider quality, we think of two aspects, the first is a quality of design; this is embedded in the design specifications of the product or service. Does the design satisfy the customer needs? And how does the design compare with competition. The second is conformance quality... Mehr lesen

Der Begriff Audio & die menschliche Hörcharakteristik  

Jeder, der mit dem Gedanken spielt seine Klangwelt um ein Multiroom-Audiosystem zu erweitern, kann sein auditives Wohlbefinden erweitern. Die Augen kann der Mensch schließen, die Ohren nie! Wir hören immer! Der Begriff „Audio“ ist lateinischen Ursprungs und bedeutet „Ich höre“... Mehr lesen

3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing technologies 

From the last decade, the 3D printing has becoming one of the most important argument topics in many cutting-edge technology industries due to its advantages over traditional manufacturing processes. The 3D printing creates various new opportunities regarding production... Mehr lesen

Product design and Innovation - Rapid prototyping in 3D-Printing 

We are manufacturers in smart home and smart entertainment, and at Liberty Acoustics our priority is to provide exclusive products to our customers in order to enhance their living experience in a sophisticated and luxurious way. The design-oriented control panels are made of high-quality materials... Mehr lesen

Edutainment mit Multiroom-Audio 
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What is Smart Entertainment? 
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Welche Vorteile bringt Multiroom-Audio?  
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Soundqualität & Kognitive Ergonomie 
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Liberty Acoustics ist elegante Technik mit schmeichelhaftem Komfort, 
die sich auf das Wesentliche konzentriert und einfach zu bedienen ist.