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Blog: Product Uniqueness and Value with Liberty Acoustics

15.01.2018 - Many questions arise in consumer minds including what product and services our company offers, why would any customers buy our product, what makes us unique and different in the market. 

Answer to all above questions is “value proposition”

At Liberty Acoustics, we care about the advance and smart home entertainment system which cares about customer’s needs and wants. Our company is specialised into providing cross spatial (inside and outside) music pleasure across the home. With the help of innovative 3d technology, we manufacture products like control panels and transmission technology for multi room listening pleasure. We designed products to reduce the complexity such that it is easy to install and operate and it’s all because of its unique design properties. Each product at Liberty Acoustics focuses highly on use of high quality material with luxurious design. One of the unique features of products is that they are easily adjustable with your living space or room due to high customizable properties such as smart volume control panels, which are now present in piano black material, stainless steel and high quality woods.

Our product uniqueness is our value proposition and it is not just about the products and services we are putting in front of customers. In fact, it is all about the spices of your company that is ready to provide the best blend and taste to the customers. Your value proposition should be the USP of your company mission. A perfect and defined value proposition makes you stand different and alone among the competitors in the market but one shouldn’t forget that it is not a tagline or slogan to present company in the market. 

What is Value Proposition? 

The value proposition is the real reason why we buy something. It defines our core strength and the uniqueness of products which customer’s wants to buy. Value proposition describes how the customer’s problems can be solved or improvised, which benefits they can avail by our products & services and most importantly “why customers should buy your products over your competitors”? Every day companies design product and services to improve their customer life. But 72 % of products and services fail to deliver expectations. This means customers don’t care about seven out of ten products introduced in the markets. It doesn’t have to be this way; just like you create value for business from business model canvas. There is in fact a tool to visualise design and test how you create value for customers. It’s called the value proposition Canvas. 

If we consider cost vs. benefit ratio which usually tell us about the prospect motivation? More than 69% of B2B companies have already started considering this ratio. Some facts that needed to be taken into consideration while designing value proposition are
• Material which visitors want to see on your company websites
• Optimizing current value proposition according to future demands

A strong and meaningful value proposition always helps to boost up your conversion rate and sales and weak value proposition kills you market value and sales. A value propositions should be able to explain exactly how your product is going to solve the customer problem and services that going to benefit the customers and what making you and your product segments unique for customer to buy from you and not your competitors. 

It is not about the slogan of your company and one should not misunderstood value proposition with company slogan. For example, Apple says “Think different” or any positioning statement like “No 1 in some platform”. The basic element of any value proposition should always follow some easy steps and they are

• Headline (Describe the main benefit of your products & services)
• Paragraph (Detained explanation of company products and services)
• Sub Paragraph (Explaining some great and unique features)
• A visual explanation (any video or image presentation for company value proposition)

Value proposition canvas composed of two parts, the customer profile and the value map. With the customer profile you describe the job your customers trying to get done. Job can be functional, like getting me into social and impressing friends & colleagues or emotional like gaining peace of mind. You highlight your customer pains which annoy customers what can get a job done. Pains and negative outcomes that customers hope to avoid like dissatisfaction solution and frustration risk or obstacle to perform a job and you outline customer games which describe how customer measure the success of job well done. 


Gains are positive outcomes that customer wants to achieve like concrete results, benefits and even aspirations. Use customer profile to analyze, test and track your understanding of the people or companies. The second part is the value map in which you list the product and services your value proposition builds on. You describe in which way these products, services and features are pain relievers. How they eliminate, reduce and minimise the pains customers cares about. And you outline gain creators, how they produce, increase or maximise outcomes and benefit that your customer expects.

So, the value proposition for Liberty Acoustics is been designed keeping customer’s priorities into mind and thus we reached into “Ihr Zuhause. Ihr Design. Ihr Smart Entertainment” which means “your home, your design, your smart entertainment”. We are continuously trying to bring a next level experience for smart home entertainment without compromising design, sound quality and workmanship. 

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