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Benefits of Multiroom Audio


06.11.2018 - What is Multiroom Audio? Well, simply put, you can listen to different sound in different rooms at the same time or the same sound in different rooms. It’s your choice! You decide whether to play your favorite songs playlist or stream some news on the radio in the whole house be it kitchen, bathroom, living room, even outdoor (garden or poolside) or to sound these different zones (living room, bathroom, garden etc) differently. “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”. It is very rightly said because what we listen to impacts the way we feel. 



Diversity and Outdoor accessibility

With the Multiroom Audio system, you can play the same sound in different rooms flawlessly or different sound in every room. Imagine the simple and comfortable way to control the music in your house from any room, Liberty Acoustics is a sleek technology with the flattering comfort that focuses on manufacturing premium products with reduced complexity and provides an uncomplicated entertainment with room-spanning listening pleasure at home. Multiroom Audio systems enable unrestricted freedom in one's own home. In each room, both the volume and the audio source are freely selectable. Multiroom Audio systems are ideal for adding more entertainment and atmosphere to the space, inside and outside the house. You can enjoy some relaxing music in the living room, and also listen to other genres outside the house at the pool or garden. So with the Multiroom Audio system, you have a choice to select the audio source from various options such as streaming services like Spotify, podcast apps, internet radio and also from your own personal music collection on your PC or a CD. This incredible range of audio content can be easily accessed throughout the home. So you have access to current news on the radio or any informative podcasts and this is how the Multiroom Audio enables information and education with entertainment. 


Ultimate control and aesthetically pleasing

The type of network used for such systems can be wired or wireless. The wireless networks definitely have an advantage when it comes to flexibility but wired network guarantees a stable and safe connection, ensuring a perfect Multiroom Audio enjoyment. The Multiroom Audio systems are basically divided into open and closed systems. In most of the cases, once you have opted a multiroom sound system, you are tied to it. Liberty acoustics provides unlimited Multiroom Audio enjoyment ensuring uncomplicated integration of your existing consumer electronics with our open source Multiroom Audio system. Most of the Multiroom Audio systems and components can be controlled from an app on phone or tablet. But the real operational safety of the system only works with permanent or hard-wired operating structures. We at Liberty Acoustics, design and manufacture control panels using innovative 3D printing technology. The keypads/touch panels are designed ergonomically, using high-quality materials and are hard-wired thus providing a high level of operations safety and optimum functionality. The unique design of our products can be easily integrated into your individual living space, and you can enjoy a sophisticated and attractive living room space. The design-oriented premium products (control panels) ensure optimum intuitive control and can be customized as per specific customer requirements. These systems are very pleasing aesthetically as compared to other sound systems. So with Multiroom Audio, you don’t need to worry about the drop in sound quality, you can keep the music rolling with you anywhere in the house. The focus is to provide an ultimate multiroom experience, while reducing the complexity, improving audio performance and provide optimal control so that you can enjoy your music freely and across spaces. Liberty Acoustics is technology and design-driven, and focuses on reduced complexity, high usability, and good sound quality to create an exclusive Multiroom Audio experience.