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Blog: 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing


“A process of producing solid objects layer upon layer from a 3D digital file” 

(21.07.2018) From the last decade, the 3D printing has becoming one of the most important argument topics in many cutting-edge technology industries due to its advantages over traditional manufacturing processes. The 3D printing creates various new opportunities regarding production norms and manufacturing techniques. With this process, the customer satisfaction can be achieved very quickly, the manufacturing lead time can be reduced greatly, and custom designs can be manufactured easily. Some of the bigger airplane manufacturers and automobile companies are betting on 3D printing owing to the production of lighter weight and cheaper parts.

Advantages of 3D Printing:

1. Complex, unlimited and non-constraint Designs- any designs whatsoever can be manufactured since a 3D software is used
2. Lighter and cheaper parts
3. Material and colour variety- there are so many different materials and colours available to choose
4. Redesigning is very easy and thus the manufacturing cost for any rectification is zero 
5. Ideal for Prototyping and low to medium production
6. Prevention of waste- the material used for production is only the material that comes out of 3D printer
7. Recyclability- old products or materials can be melted down and can be reused (FDM- Fused deposition modelling)
8. Availability of spare parts- if some parts break down, one can easily download the 3D file of that spare parts and produce a new one
9. Less Warehousing- the inventory of additional products can be made minimal

In the future, I believe the 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing technology can overcome the traditional manufacturing processes such as Casting, Forming and Joining.